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Jeroen Langeslag

Jeroen has been a food fanatic for as long as he can remember. Early childhood memories center around the kitchen of his parents and grandmother, fooling around while tasty dishes were created. In his family, food wasn’t just functional, it also played a distinct social role, so TV-dinners were out of the question. As he grew up, Jeroen started meddling with cooking himself, and found he enjoyed creating new and exciting dishes, feeding friends and family. Next to his master Industrial Ecology, he works in a wine store and spends his free time pickling, fermenting and brewing beer.


Moorea Hall-Aquitania

Moorea is a technical art historian by day and an avid cook and food lover also by day. Growing up in America and moving every few years she got to try many types of cuisine- from perfect BBQ to her grandmother's Filipino food to typical Seattle donuts and coffee. At Vassar college in upstate New York, she discovered the Slow Food movement and helped set up a CSA with local farms, developing an appreciation for fresh and local produce that connects us to our environment. During college she also spent a year living in Bologna, Italy. During this year she learned to cook Italian food from multiple nonnas and tasted her way through 16 of the 20 regions of Italy, taking notes on local cuisine as she went and writing a food blog of recipes and observations. She has been living in the Netherlands for the last three years, cooking and studying paintings at the Rijksmuseum and falling in love with stamppot met boerenkool. 

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Menno Doornbos

Menno Doornbos is a partner in the background. His desire to own a whole wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese led years ago to the start of Lease The Cheese.

As an art consultant, he works closely with artists and is associated with various international art collections of museums, companies, governments and private individuals. Menno invited his artist friends Joep van Lieshout and Piet Hein Eek to realize the Lease The Cheese 'cheese trolley’s'.